How to install chef-server inside docker container

  • Create volumes for chef logs and data
docker volume create chef-log
docker volume create chef-data
  • Run centos/systemd container with privileged permissions and ipv6 disabled
docker run --sysctl net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6=1 --privileged --name chef-server-core -d -v chef-data:/var/opt/opscode -v chef-log:/var/log/opscode -p 80:80 -p 443:443 centos/systemd
  • Connect to your new container
docker exec -it chef-server-core bash
  • Download and install chef
curl -o chef-server-core.rpm
rpm -Uvh chef-server-core.rpm
yum install rsync crontabs which net-tools less -y
systemctl enable crond
systemctl start crond
chef-server-ctl reconfigure
  • Note: if you want to restore from a backup run the following command:
chef-server-ctl restore -t 60000 /tmp/chef-backup-date.tgz
  • Note: When I install it I got the following error after running chef-server-ctl reconfigure:
Recipe Compile Error in /var/opt/opscode/local-mode-cache/cookbooks/private-chef/attributes/default.rb

undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass

Cookbook Trace:
  /var/opt/opscode/local-mode-cache/cookbooks/private-chef/attributes/default.rb:616:in `from_file'

Relevant File Content:

609:  default['private_chef']['postgresql']['db_superuser'] = 'opscode-pgsql'
610:  default['private_chef']['postgresql']['shell'] = "/bin/sh"
611:  default['private_chef']['postgresql']['home'] = "/var/opt/opscode/postgresql"
612:  default['private_chef']['postgresql']['user_path'] = "/opt/opscode/embedded/bin:/opt/opscode/bin:$PATH"
613:  default['private_chef']['postgresql']['vip'] = ""
614:  default['private_chef']['postgresql']['port'] = 5432
615:  # We want to listen on all the loopback addresses, because we can't control which one localhost resolves to.
616>> default['private_chef']['postgresql']['listen_address'] = node['network']['interfaces']['lo']['addresses'].keys.join(',')
617:  default['private_chef']['postgresql']['max_connections'] = 350
618:  default['private_chef']['postgresql']['keepalives_idle'] = 60
619:  default['private_chef']['postgresql']['keepalives_interval'] = 15
620:  default['private_chef']['postgresql']['keepalives_count'] = 2
621:  default['private_chef']['postgresql']['md5_auth_cidr_addresses'] = [ '', '::1/128' ]
622:  default['private_chef']['postgresql']['wal_level'] = "minimal"
623:  default['private_chef']['postgresql']['archive_mode'] = "off" # "cannot be enabled when wal_level is set to minimal"
624:  default['private_chef']['postgresql']['archive_command'] = ""
625:  default['private_chef']['postgresql']['archive_timeout'] = 0 # 0 is disabled.

System Info:
ruby=ruby 2.5.5p157 (2019-03-15 revision 67260) [x86_64-linux]

Running handlers:
Running handlers complete
Chef Infra Client failed. 0 resources updated in 03 seconds
[2019-08-08T05:39:53+00:00] FATAL: Stacktrace dumped to /var/opt/opscode/local-mode-cache/chef-stacktrace.out
[2019-08-08T05:39:53+00:00] FATAL: Please provide the contents of the stacktrace.out file if you file a bug report
[2019-08-08T05:39:53+00:00] FATAL: NoMethodError: undefined method `[]' for nil:NilClass
  • If you get the same error you need to configureĀ default[‘private_chef’][‘postgresql’][‘listen_address’]
vi /opt/opscode/embedded/cookbooks/private-chef/attributes/default.rb
default['private_chef']['postgresql']['listen_address'] = "localhost"

chef-server-ctl reconfigure
  • Note: In chef-server-core 12.15.7 I got the following error:
Your system has IPv6 enabled but its loopback interface has no IPv6

You must either pass `ipv6.disable=1` to your kernel command line,
to completely disable IPv6, or ensure the loopback interface has an
`::1` address by running

    sysctl net.ipv6.conf.lo.disable_ipv6=0
  • To fix this you need to run the following
echo 0 > /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/all/disable_ipv6
chef-server-ctl reconfigure
  • Install chef-manage
chef-server-ctl install chef-manage
chef-server-ctl reconfigure
chef-manage-ctl reconfigure --accept-license
  • Creat chef admin
chef-server-ctl user-create USER_NAME FIRST_NAME LAST_NAME EMAIL 'PASSWORD' --filename FILE_NAME
  • Create organization
chef-server-ctl org-create short_name 'full_organization_name' --association_user user_name --filename ORGANIZATION-validator.pem
  • you can browse to your server ip address to see chef-manage. https://server_ip

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