My Name is Yossi I am DevOps Team Leader at Emind Systems Ltd and Unix/Linux Consultant at IAF.

I decide to write this blog for me to memorize things that I do at work and for fun.

I hope you find this blog interesting

Yossi Nachum


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  1. Dear Yossi,
    The first thing I wanna say thank you for your guides, they are not only very useful for me but also for other system administrators.
    I follow your nagios backup script, but I receicved this email:
    2016-03-28_15:26:21 command mkdir -p /var/log/files_backup completed successfully
    2016-03-28_15:26:21 command mkdir -p /backup/nagios/28 completed successfully
    2016-03-28_15:26:21 ————- Start backup script ———————–
    2016-03-28_15:26:21 start backup /usr/local/nagios repository
    2016-03-28_15:26:54 ————- Start backup script ———————–
    2016-03-28_15:26:54 start backup /usr/local/nagios repository
    2016-03-28_15:29:23 Error: command /bin/tar -zcf /backup/nagios/28/nagios.tar.gz /usr/local/nagios failed with error code=1
    2016-03-28_16:36:48 ————- Start backup script ———————–
    2016-03-28_16:36:48 start backup /usr/local/nagios repository
    2016-03-28_16:39:14 Error: command /bin/tar -zcf /backup/nagios/28/nagios.tar.gz /usr/local/nagios failed with error code=1

    Could you please give me an advise 🙂
    Many thanks.

      • Dear Yossi,
        I find out that the main reason is nagios process. While the script exec tar command, some file in /usr/local/nagios/var folder are updating, so the tar command return the error code 1.
        I add a small things in your scrip, on the main part, and every thing go well:
        write_log “————– Temporaly stoping nagios process ———————-”
        /etc/init.d/nagios stop
        write_log “————- Start backup script ———————–”
        for DIR in ${DIRS}
        #Kiem tra tung thu muc trong nagios
        backup_dir “${DIR}” “${BACKUP_PATH}/${DAY_OF_MONTH}/`basename ${DIR}`.tar.gz”
        write_log “————– Starting nagios process ———————-”
        /etc/init.d/nagios start
        write_log “————– Finish backup script ———————-”
        once again, thank your greate job!

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